Relinquishment Application

All application questions are required to be completed.
Please answer “N/A” if the application question is not applicable to you.

Please Read Before Completing Your Application

If you do not follow instructions, you will be immediately denied.

Please do not call, email, text or message us about a specific dog. Once you fill out an application we will contact you back between 1-14 business days if we choose to move forward with your application. This is a rescue run by balanced dog trainers.  Our adoption fees for our dog’s range from $300-$500. We offer a comprehensive training and health program with our adoptions that includes everything listed for an additional supplementary program fee. Some of our dogs have already completed their training with us and the supplementary program fee is mandatory. Some of our dogs have not yet completed their training with us and the supplementary program fee is not mandatory but we will prioritize adoptions to those willing to put their dog through one of our training programs or with another trusted trainer in the area. Please see the page designated for the dog you are interested in under the available dog’s tab on our website for more information about the fees specific to the dog you are applying for. 

The additional supplementary program fee is customizable based on the level of training you desire upon adoption, as well as the specific products that you would like to have included at the time of adoption. Required for all of our adoptions is the non-negotiable orientation lesson, basic training, prong collar, e-collar, prong collar safety leash, place cot, crate, completed medical care, shots, & testing, microchip, neuter or spay, and active pet insurance plan which are all included in your $300-$500 adoption fee. You get all of these products and services equating to a $2000+ value for a $300-$500 adoption fee.

If the dog you are interested in has recommended continued training and you wish to expedite your adoption, the remainder of their training must be completed through Shades Of Blu Dog Training INC, with a 20% discount, and you will be required to schedule, purchase, and enroll in the training plan upon adoption. If you have another local trainer you would like to continue training with instead, you must provide their information so we can approve that they are licensed, trusted, insured, certified, and that you have already purchased and enrolled in their program upon adoption.

We look for applicants that understand how to biologically and psychologically fulfill their canine companions with an active lifestyle, mental stimulation through training, dog sports, or a working job, not applicants who are going to treat their dog as a typical pet.

Some of our working-breed or other breed dogs would make wonderful pets without extensive training.  We still highly recommend professional training for every dog, and favor applicants who are willing to do it, but we do not require it for the dogs who do not need it to be fulfilled. Please see the page designated for the dog you are applying for to learn more about what we require from our adopters for that particular dog.

Our adoptions are NOT first come first served like other rescues for a reason. We foster the dogs for as long as we need to until the right applicant who can provide them with what they need pops up! We don’t just give away our dogs to the first person who wants them.  We adopt out to the best and most qualified applicant who is going to do the most with their dog, because these dogs deserve it!

We see nothing wrong with owners who do not do extensive training with their dogs, nor do we hold anything against those who choose not to go the extra mile.

However, we do not accept applicants who are not going to go above and beyond with our dogs. We only accept applicants who are going to become involved in our community of trainers and handlers, and who are willing to learn, adapt to, and advocate for balanced training in order to give your dogs the safety, freedom, and bond with their owners that they deserve!

If you just want a pet to snuggle with and let freely roam your house, backyard, go to dog parks, never be crated, etc. this is probably not the program for you.

If you are interested in learning about how to properly care for and fulfill your dog or your new rescue biologically and psychologically, we are happy to educate and welcome you into our community aimed at education and changing American Dog Culture. We do this because after years of experience we have found that it is what is best for the dogs.

Please do not continue with this application if you have not visited and read through in its entirety the page on our website for the specific dog you are appplying for, and/or are not able to put in the extensive effort, time, finances, hard work, and dedication that is required to join our community of elite dog handlers and top dogs!

What is customizable and can be included in your supplementary comprehensive training and health program fee:

  • Active Comprehensive Pet Insurance Plan – $500 value
  • Embark DNA testing – $250 value
  • 1 week of food – $50-$100 value
  • Heart Worm testing – $150 value
  • Standard Blood Work – $150 value
  • Fecal Screen – $60 value
  • Crate – $100-$1000 value
  • Muzzle – $30 value
  • Place Cot – $30 value
  • Biothane Collar – $30 value
  • Ecollar – $220 value
  • Prong Collar – $30 value
  • Prong Collar Safety Leash – $45 value
  • Up to date shots – $200 value
  • Microchip – $50 value
  • Microchip Lifetime Registration – $75 value
  • 2hr Orientation Lesson – $150 value
  • Comprehensive Training Program – $3000-$6000 value
  • Free Unlimited Group Class For Life of dog – $1000 value
  • Free Follow up training for known commands – $1000+ value
  • Discounted Additional Training – $1000+ value
  • Additional products and services available upon request