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Arianna Towns

Ari has been studying and applying the science of behavior analysis for over 7 years, beginning with children who have autism then finding a true calling in doing so with dogs. She holds a bachelors degree in psychology, and is on the cusp of finishing a masters degree in applied behavior analysis.

As head trainer and partial owner in our Southern California location, her joy is in teaching and supporting our Southern California training staff in understanding the root causes or patterns that behavior is founded in. Not only does she take joy in guiding dogs through the multi-step processes needed to modify and teach desired behaviors, she loves coaching handlers through integrating changes to the way that they live with their dog, to make training an individualized and meaningful experience. Specializing in establishing a clear system of communication through fluid and fair use of the e collar, she strives to equip handlers with the confidence in themselves and their dog to explore the world off leash.


Though she has always loved trainingher family dogs growing up, she attributes her introduction into the world of professional dog training to her German Shepherd, Artoo, who serves at her side as the most reliable assistant and sport dog. She is also supported by none other than our very own Woofgang Rehab Alumni, Dipstick, whos down for any adventure and reminds her to take time to enjoy the simple things in life.